How to choose the Best Barbershop

When looking for the Best Local Barbershop Near You there are several things that make Harold’s Barbershop the #1 choice In Irvine and Orange County, Ca. Our shop’s top priorities are professionalism, awesome customer service, great haircuts and a super clean barbershop where all customers feel comfortable and safe. At Harold’s Barbershop we have all the necessary items in place to be both State and Board compliant and take customer and employee safety very serious.

Types of Services

At a great barbershop and when you are looking for the best local barbershop near me you want to make sure you have barbers that can cut and style your hair. At Harold’s Barbershop we have you covered and can handle all types of cuts and styles along with beard trims, hot towel shaves and much more.

Best Barbershops Need the Best Products

At Harold’s Barbershop we ensure you will have access to and we will only use the best premium products for your services. There are no areas we have cut any corners in. Our foundation is built on making sure our customers and employees are always 100% happy. Being the best barbershop means having the best of everything and that includes the best products.

Hair Types and Haircuts

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Good haircuts for men never go out of style. In fact, nice haircuts and good hairstyles should be timeless, trendy, and hot. From the comb over fade to the slicked back undercut to the quiff, pompadour, side part, textured crew cut, French crop, faux hawk and blowout taper, there are many great men’s haircuts to get right now. Whether you want modern styles or classic cuts, check out these good-looking haircuts for guys to inspire you to update your look and try a nice new hairstyle. With something for every hair type and length, our list of best guy hairstyles feature cuts and styles with the latest men’s hair trends. Good hairstyles start with a short sides, long top haircut and range in styling from textured and messy to neat and shiny. There are all types of fades and undercuts for a short cut on the sides and back. Coupled with short, medium and long hair on top, men are able to style a variety of different looks. Ultimately, good haircuts translate into nice hairstyles. If you’re looking for the top haircut styles of the year, we’re confident you’ll love this collection of the best hairstyles for men! As one of the most popular men’s hairstyles, the comb over taper fade has remained a barbershop favorite for years. With a low fade and line up on the sides and longer hair parted to one side, the style is classy and modern. Use a matte styling product like pomade or wax to bring out your hair’s natural texture while keeping the look styled all day. This curly hair fade is a classic hairstyle for men with curls. Short on the sides and back with a long fringe, this great-looking haircut makes it easy for guys to tame their curls and style a trendy look. Use a strong pomade or cream to minimize frizz but maximize volume and flow. This is a good slick back undercut hairstyle for men. The undercut fade on the sides gets the hair buzzed down to the skin, focusing the eyes on the longer cut on top. Sleek, stylish and modern, the short slick back is easy to style. The high and tight haircut is perfect for guys who want a simple, quick hairstyle. This cut features a high fade with the lower part shaved, and a line up along the hairline for a clean, fresh look. The short cut on top is textured and spiky for a unique twist. The crew cut fade is a nice short hairstyle for men. For starters, the tapered cut on the sides offers good contrast. The thick hair is trimmed with a longer fringe, resulting in a spiked front. This crew cut is clean and sharp for a dapper look on young men. This good-looking side part hairstyle for guys is edgy and handsome. The haircut features shaved sides with a hard part cut into the hair on top. Parted to one side with the front combed back, this side part fade balances between bad boy and gentleman. The quiff haircut is flattering and easy to wear for most guys. The short fade on the sides is paired with a line design, and the thick hair is left medium to long with layers. To style this quiff, brush up your bangs and comb the rest of your hair forward and spiked. Use a high-quality men’s hair product for that textured, modern look. The buzz cut is a very short hairstyle for guys who want an effortless look. The skin fade and shape up add a fresh, clean-cut finish while the full beard is masculine and rugged. Men can buzz their own hair at home with good clippers. This amazing haircut combines two classic styles – the pompadour and side part. Mixed with a high fade, thick beard, and shaved line to accentuate the natural part, this cool hairstyle is versatile and stylish. There are many trendy ways to style haircuts for curly hair. This undercut fade leaves the sides very short, emphasizing the styling on top. While thick curls can be hard to work with and control, a strong pomade or curl-enhancing cream can define curls and fight frizz. Furthermore, naturally curly hair offers a unique texture and look that makes any hairstyle stand out. Guys with nice hair get all the coolest haircuts. The high fade and line up provide the foundation of a good short sides, long top hairstyle. The thick hair is swept back naturally for great movement and flow. This same fashionable cut can style a comb over, quiff, or slick back. The textured crop has become the latest men’s hairstyle trend. For a short haircut, this long fringe and fade can be styled many different ways. Pictured, this version brushes the hair forward and let’s the layered hairstyle create volume and flow. Guys can pair a cropped cut with a fringe and taper to style a number of new looks. If you want more than just a decent haircut, this short mediumlength hairstyle features a badass temp fade with a cool hair design. Spiked, textured and messy on top, we highly recommend this cut and style if you think you can pull off the look. Grow a short beard or trim a clean stubble beard to balance between manly and pretty boy styles. Comb over hairstyle continue to be among the hottest men’s hair trends because they look great, are easy to style, and blend between professional and casual. The high fade haircut tapers into the skin on the sides, but the longer hair on top maximizes volume and movement. Styled with a medium hold men’s product, the hair is combed over lightly for a natural, textured style. This faux hawk hairstyle and low fade haircut with a line up scream modern, sexy and hot. The perfect textured fade blends beautifully, and the line shaved into the scalp creates a distinct contrast. The long spiky hair is styled towards the middle to get the fohawk. Finally, the wellgroomed facial hair design completes the look with another dimension. As one of the best haircuts for men and boys, ask your barber about getting this style. A great example of a cool short sides, long top style, this new hairstyle for men shows off the numerous haircut choices guys have today. The low bald fade tapers down to the skin and neck. The short fade highlights the medium hair on top. Brushed back and up, the nice look takes advantage of the thick, voluminous styling. Use a matte pomade or cream with a blow dryer to get that natural flow and movement. Another trendy haircut idea for men with short hair. The spiky hair fade is cut very short on the sides with a high skin fade. The thick spikes are styled up in the front and forward in the back. Short hairstyles and beards work especially well together. This modern mohawk hairstyle looks less intense and edgy than the classic version. Get a burst fade on the sides to cut the hair short around the ears and down the neck. The short mohawk is more practical and low-maintenance. As one of the top hairstyles for young men, brushed back hair with short sides can look neat and structured or casual and messy. The tapered fade is classy and conservative. Use a matte men’s hair product and comb back your hair with your hands and fingers for a lightly styled, loose finish. A good haircut for guys with a receding hairline. A short pompadour hairstyle with a high fade may seem counter-intuitive because the classic style exposes the hairline, but it’s hard to argue with the elegance of this modern variation. A long fringe (bangs) and taper fade haircut can be another cool hairstyle for men. More guys are growing out their hair, and this messy textured styling flows wildly. Equal parts skater, surfer and hipster, men’s haircuts with longer lengths in the front are fresh and on trend. The textured crop top haircut has been super popular this year. The men’s crop hairstyle starts with an undercut or fade on the sides and thicker, longer hair on top. How short you cut your hair is all about personal style. Tousled and messy, guys should apply low to moderate hold pomades, waxes or creams. If you have healthy, shiny hair, leave the style flowing and natural-looking. Messy styles are all the rage this year. This time, we have thick spikes all over with the front spiked up and a short taper fade on the sides and back. Undercut hairstyles always look excellent. The quiff is styled to have volume and flow, and the short undercut and shape up are quite flattering. Add in the full beard and you get an elegant yet sexy style.

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