Hi my name is Nicole, I have been doing hair for about 8 years. I do mostly taper, and medium to long hairstyles. Doing thorough consultations to figure out desired style.


Hello, my name is Rachel! I’m a Michigan native living the California dream. I am dual-licensed as a barber and cosmetologist. I’ve been working in barbershops since 2011. I love doing scissor cuts and anything involving the beard whether that be shaping or hot lather shaves. Attention to detail and getting rid of all the old man hairs are my areas of expertise.


Introducing James, the Scissor Specialist and Master Barber for the Modern Gentleman. With a passion for precision and an eye for detail, James specializes in scissor-only haircuts. Whether it’s creating impeccable scissor cuts or seamlessly blending clipper and scissor techniques, James delivers flawless and personalized masterpieces. In his chair, you’ll experience an elevated grooming experience with a welcoming atmosphere and superior results. Trust James’s expertise, as he transforms your hair into a work of art. Book an appointment today and discover the artistry of a true scissor specialist and master barber.


Hi my name is Melvin. New to OC and ready to make my mark. Unlocking your best self while staying cool and collected. I specialize in a variety of men’s haircuts, such as gentlemen cuts, beard trims, and fades at all levels.


Hi, my name is Nick. I have been licensed as a Cosmetologist since 2006. I enjoy creating an environment where communication is open between my clients. With effective communication, we can do our best to achieve the desired outcome in our grooming services with each other. I love doing haircuts, skin fades with clippers, facials, eyebrow shaping, beard trims, nose hair waxing, ear hair waxing, and sharing knowledge on body grooming. Together We Create! Leave Feeling Polished!


Hi my name is Toni and I have been doing hair for about 10 years now. I specialize in fades and all over scissor cuts.


My name is Marcos I’ve been cutting hair for 8 years. I’m a licensed barber and I specialize in skin fades and beard grooming. I love what I do and love to perform quality haircuts.


I’m Jen I truly love the industry I’m in and I have a passion for my craft. With 16 years of experience I’m well rounded in all kinds of cuts and fades. I love creating unique and personalized looks for each client. I take pride in making people look and feel their best.



Hi my name is Snow. I love to cut hair! I studied and got my license over twenty years ago. I look forward to cutting your hair with the best haircut you’ve ever received. Come on in!